4 Instagram Artists That We Love

Instagram is definitely our favorite social media platform;
We love how photos speak for themselves in such a simple yet artistic fashion. Featured below are 4 of our favorite Grammers’ from all over the world.
Rebecca from @aclotheshorse. With her fantastic blog, she is taking this fall by storm!
Kyle Sipple from @kylypso. Why do we live in the city.
 Amy from @myflyingakite. She plays the banjo, writes poetry, has a    beautiful blog and loves pressing flowers. 
Kindred spirit right there.
And last but not least, Cat from @fromsomeoneinlove. She is not only a fantastic artist, but has the coolest collection of shoes! Check out her blog  for more.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?
Tell us in the comments below! (And don’t forget to include your username as well, would love to follow you too!)
– Kenna & Lulu –


Supposedly, we are finally out of the woods (or more like the desert) in regards to miserable 100 degree temperatures!
YESSSS!!! Bring on the jackets, boots and fuzzy cat-socks.

Our style usually points towards Vintage ensembles, but I am loving the latest Western Inspired trend. Nothing says Fall ready quite like a faux suede jacket.
Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday tomorrow!
(I’m making cinnamon rolls for breakfast)
XOXO -Kenna

Vintage Scarf
Thrifted Faux Suede Jacket
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Weekly favorites and a Question

Via our Instagram
Hello lovelies! Happy October! We will be starting a new series here in Kenna & Lulu land, where we share anything that has struck our fancy during the week. Anything from Quotes to Live By to tasty treats.
We will also pose a fun question
for you to answer in the comments!

    If you could make your own commercial candy bar, 
    what would it’s name be? What would be in it? 

    – Kenna & Lulu –

    Minnie Mouse Inspired Part II

    We have to do more of these “Inspired By…” outfits! The process of putting an outfit together really is just us playing dress-up, so organizing an ensemble with Minnie Mouse in mind positively takes the cake! What character would you like us to do next?
    Let us know in the comments!

    If you haven’t checked out our previous Minnie Mouse inspired outfit post, than be sure that you do. Definitely do so before you feed your unicorn, wash the antique china, plan your next brunch or any other tedious household chores you may have.
    Matching socks are far too main stream.
    XOXO -Kenna

    Old Blouse
    Old Socks

    A Brown Satchel 6 Ways (Perfect for Fall)

    Nothing says Autumn quite like a classic brown satchel.
    We found this beauty at an antique shop a while back, and opened it to find the previous owner’s name and address! 
    It appears to to be a camera bag, and one can’t help but what wonder what adventures it has been on.

    Here are some similar fall-ready satchels to complete any ensemble:
    1 / 2  / 3 / 4 
    It’s staring to cool down! Thank goodness.
    – Kenna & Lulu –

    Minnie Mouse Inspired & Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    The cutest trend has been buzzing around Instagram; you post a photo of the Disney character that best fits your personality in honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
    The lovely Kira Petersen assigned Minnie Mouse as my character, 
    and she couldn’t have been more spot on. 
    Before we get to why Minnie is basically my spirit animal, 
    you have to meet Kira:
    Kira is a warrior to say the least. Within the last year she has endured the life changing diagnosis of PNH (a very rare blood disorder), a bone marrow transplant, what has felt like a lifetime of hospital stays and countless tests.

     But she is NOT letting this disease define her.

    Minnie Mouse goes right up there with Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn and Iris Apfel in my list of style icons. Nothing can beat her classic combinations of bold reds, sweet pinks and bright yellows; not to mention while styling a that bow like a boss! 
    “Life is hard. And I think that’s a common knowledge that everyone has come to know. We all have our own trials, difficulties, and worries. However; it is SO good too… Because without these challenges we wouldn’t be where or who we are today. Trials make us stronger. They make us more knowledgeable. They make us who we are (along with everything good in life too). But I’ve learned something these past months. Within trials we come to know things that we wouldn’t have ever known without them. You learn to appreciate the little things, and the things that matter most in life like your family and friends. You learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t have known without these trials, like how strong you actually are. I have learned so much through out this whole bone marrow transplant process and watching small little kiddos I’ve become so close with fighting for their lives against cancer. But mostly how precious and great life is, and how it’s so worth fighting for; that miracles still happen today, and that God loves us all so so much.”
    – Kira 
    (via her Instagram page

    Kira has recently had some procedures that have very expensive for her family. Go check out her Go Fund Me page and show Kira and her amazing family some love! 
    Kira, you’ve got this. Don’t ever forget what an inspiration you are, and the fantastic impact that you have on the lives of others!
    XOXO -Kenna

    Old Belt
    Vintage Earrings

    Go Gold

    September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month;
    so let’s all Go Gold and honor the courageous children and families that fight this disease.

    Nine years ago, my best friend Abby passed away from a very aggressive form of brain cancer. 
    Cancer did not define her. She was a ballet dancer, a friend, a Disney fan and a follower of Christ, not a cancer patient. 

    I know that she is up in heaven dancing without pain or the fear of another scary diagnosis, but I still miss her and cannot wait to see her again someday.

    Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!
    XOXO -Kenna

    Desert Gems

    You might consider fall in the desert to be a bit odd. There are no trees to turn lovely colors or a sweet autumn breeze to chill your bones. But once the evenings begin to cool down, we desert dwellers adore evening walks along our oasis of a pond.
     A huge thank you to our fantastic friend Josh, for these rad photos! He is an amazing photographer, astounding pianist and very good friend. Go check out his insta!

    Can you find the hidden Mickey Mouse?

    Tomorrow is Sunday!!! Let’s take a vote:
    Who says that Sunday is the best day ever?
    Okay, good… Now who says that Sunday is the best day in the history of forever and you’re about to cry with anticipation?
    I knew it, we are totally kindred spirits.
    XOXO -Kenna
     Every photo in this post was photographed by the fantastic 
    Old Belt
    Vintage Camera Bag
    Vintage Necklace